Smoky Sunrise

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This week, Myrtle Beach is hosting the Carolina Country Music Festival. Which brings in, by estimates, 30-40 thousand concert attendees over the course of 4 nights. For the past few days we've had some residual smoke in the air from the Canadian Wildfires. As you can imagine, our friends up North are dealing with much worse, however here in South Carolina, the effect of having the smoke in the air produces a natural filter on the horizon during sunrise and displays a red and orange sun that is rarely seen without the right environmental conditions. As a photographer, and mostly a sunrise shooter, this week has been full of excellent pictures. However, I picked this photo for the week because of it's simple beauty and flowers in the foreground. This was taken one block south of the festival venue off Ocean Blvd.

Canon R6

Lens: EF 100-400 f4.5-5.6 IS II USM @ f5.6 170mm

Available as a digital download or Fine Art print from my Recent Work Collection using the "BUY PHOTO" button.

Dave Gombka
spring 2023