Red Sky Delight

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The Belin Memorial United Methodist Church sits on the edge of Murrells Intel in Coastal South Carolina. This morning we were treated to a spectacular sunrise at high tide, with a red and orange sky. I was standing next to the seawall for this shot. On the left of the frame, the Belin Memorial Cross is visible, where people come to worship, pray, and reflect on life while having a view of the heavens. Further into the scene, past the Cross, we can see parts of The Marshwalk and on the horizon is Garden City Beach. Proceeds from the sale of this photo will be donated to the Church.

Canon R6

Lens: RF 24-70mm @ 24mm f8

Available as a digital download or Fine Art print from my Recent Work Collection using the "BUY PHOTO" button.

Dave Gombka
spring 2023