Meet Dave Gombka

I grew up in New Jersey before moving to South Carolina in 2005. I've been married for 33 years, and have two adult children and two grandchildren. I really enjoy creating art with video and photography; connecting with people and capturing their special moments in life.

I do portrait, lifestyle, landscape, and drone photography

preserving memories is so important

As a kid, my Dad was a freelance photographer during the summers, and we had a darkroom in the basement. Ever since I can remember I’ve been around cameras and had an interest in creating images.

Trust me, I know how much you want to hold on to every second

this time with your loved ones is so important

Life gets busy raising a family, and before you know it, time passes by and the kids are grown. Preserve your memories of everyday moments and milestones as they grow up.

Awards and Recognition

I was honored to be selected for 2023 Artist in Residence Program with the South Carolina State Parks Department. In addition, I am also a FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot, and won the Margerie and Joe Ross Merit Award for Fine Art Photography at the 2022 South Carolina State Fair.  My work has been proudly featured in calendars, magazines, book covers, and news media.

A morning walk on the beach at Myrtle Beach State Park South Carolina
A young woman poses for a photograph at Market Common in Myrtle Beach
Drone photo of Marlin Quay Marina in Garden City Beach South Carolina